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Weaving 11th century historical fiction, fantasy, and adventure into a tapestry revealing the power of women.

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Is the Voice Lisa’s Protector or a Predator?

When Alexander is murdered, Lisa’s carefree and safe world unravels. At 16, her only escape is to escape from the mayhem and chaos that promises to come crashing on her very being. From her wicked mother. From her brother. And from the church. The year is 1000 AD.

Bright and people-smart, she became the eyes and ears of her papa’s many enterprises. Lisa was his confidant and the son he desired. In his Solar, he revealed a plan for her to follow if he were to die. 

Within days, it is put into motion with Alexander’s sudden death. The map created for her had instructions and a special key. It would guide Lisa hundreds of miles from her papa’s villa in Marseilles to Paris, where his business partner Ezra lived. 

Her possessions were the tunic on her back, a cloak, Papa’s jeweled dagger, and the coin that he had sequestered for her. And a mysterious voice that forewarns and guides her. Lisa’s travel mode was her feet.

What follows her is a brother in hot pursuit, filled with anger, hate, and revenge. Fredric’s lust to take over his inherited status—a status that requires the knowledge only Lisa has. 


Will Lisa get to Paris? Will Ezra welcome and help her? Will she discover who killed Papa? Will the Voice that invades her sleep continue to guide her? Will she ever feel safe and loved again?

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Can the Hamlet of Harmonie Remain Hidden?

It’s the 11th century and Nichol with an infant daughter must escape Paris with her extended family. In Book 2 of the Harmonie series, The Secret Hamlet, the power of Nichol is turned loose. At her side is Shadow, her wolf dog. In the bitter winter, she has become the target of the ruthless priest Loupe and her evil brother Fredric, both in pursuit of her and her daughter, Lucette.


With her expanding vision and skills coupled with the guidance of the Lady, Nichol leads her family, and those in need, to the creation and development of Harmonie. Hidden within the Kingdom of Normandy, Harmonie abuts No Name, another hidden hamlet.

• Will the jeweled dagger stay in the hands of the rightful owner?

• Will Nichol’s friendship with the new Queen of England benefit both?

• Will the alliance with the Duke of Normandy protect the

• Will more secrets be revealed by Nichol, Robert, Ezra, Helene, and Timo?

And … will the alliances last? Will the Lady stay by Nichol’s side?

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