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FANS buy books … here’s how
Ahhh … authors always have the “buy” tab on their websites and I’m no exception. I’ve given you the links to my primary “go to” places where I buy books online: Amazon and Barnes & Noble. I live in Colorado and throughout the year—spring, summer, fall—I routinely do in-person book signings within many of the Barnes & Noble bookstores—a personal favorite. Watch for signings. Or, here’s an idea. If you live within Colorado—why not contact your favorite bookstore and encourage them to set up a signing date with me? Gather your friends and join me in the store. Always fun.



If you like a combination of historical and women’s fiction set in the 11th century with a “don’t mess with me” female protagonist, The Secret Journey, book 1 is calling out to you.

Every walk has a first step. Join Judith on her walk to become a writer … after she became an author … harnessing her sheer grit to achieve publishing success. If you are looking for inspiration, honest advice and insight, or a thunderbolt to boost getting your book started or completed, you have an author friend who has walked the path multiple times and is there to offer her hand in The Author’s Walk. 


Speaking can change lives, make a difference, have fun, go places you never thought you would, and make money. If you want to structure a speech and speak on your expertise or a book, How to Create a Million Dollar Speech is for you.


If you are considering using a crowdfunding program to financially support a project, How to Create a Crowdfunding Campaign for Success is for you. Here’s the guide you’ve been looking for that is easy and understandable.


The Secret Hamlet, book 2 weaves action, intrigue, and expanded family that displays the determination, grit, and savvy that was unheard from women in the 11th century as Nichol visualizes and build a new world.


If you are looking for a guide that shows you how to avoid the potholes that litter the publishing maze, How to Avoid Book Publishing Blunders will save you thousands of dollars in potential mistakes. It is the perfect companion to The Author’s Walk.


Whether you need inspiration, insight, encouragement, straight talk—or a swift kick in the pants—Snappy Sassy Salty Success for Authors and Writers reveals over 400 of Judith’s personal quotes.

Every author, every book, needs a Platform. It’s the stage, the very foundation of your book and authoring business. Platforms don’t happen overnight. It takes a village and starts within Author YOU: Creating and Building Your Author and Book Platform.


At times, life feels too hard, too long, and not fair. When God Says NO is your candle of light for hope and overcoming adversity.

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