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AuthorU: Your Guide to Book Publishing podcast

Using AI with Your LinkedIn Platform


Hey authors—are you using LinkedIn? Get ready for a deep dive into using AI for social media and the LinkedIn platform via the AuthorU-Your Guide to Book Publishing podcast with host @JudithBriles and guest expert @DebraJason.

Creating a Fantasy Novel through World Building 


Host Dr. Judith Briles invites master storyteller David Sovine, writing as Louis Sauvain, to join her in revealing strategies and tips to create fantasy books and market them. 

Tips and Tools for Author’s Success


In this week’s AuthorU-Your Guide to Book Publishing, Host Dr. Judith Briles reveals over 20 tips and tools to enhance your author success, build your influence, and support your book marketing going forward. If you have a website, yours is a potential goldmine. Are you harvesting it? New podcast to juice yours up via @JudithBriles @MyBookShepherd.

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