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Short and Chewy … Always WRITE about what YOU care about

     Authors should write about what they care about … ALWAYS


It’s always good to have something to read that is short, simple, and chewy. One of my thoughts for this is:

YOU should all be so lucky to do what YOU love to do.

I loved the tribute to Stephen Sondheim’s life and work at the Kennedy Center Honors 20 years ago. He passed in 2021 leaving with all of us a legacy of his words and songs. I thought it would be ideal to share the segment honoring him at the event in 1993.Grab your favorite beverage … hot, cold, whatever … and settle in. Marvel at the music, the words, the creativity, the man. It will be 20 minutes you won’t regret.

My billion-dollar takeaway:

Write about the things you care about …

Use your words … That’s what matters.

Writing for you …

Dr. Judith Briles started writing notes to her classmates in first grade … and got into “disruptive trouble” from her teachers. She’s now the author of 45 books and counting, still being a disrupter. Her books have won over 55 book awards and been Amazon bestsellers.You can follow her professional side at where she works with writers to become published authors. Listen in to her weekly podcast: AuthorU: Your Guide to Book Publishing at

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