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Questions with Dr. Judith Briles


 How to Avoid Book Publishing Blunders


About Publishing

1. What has changed in publishing since you first published in the 80s? (2 min to answer)

2. What’s the difference in the moneys that can be made between a NY published author and a self or indie published author? (2 seconds to 5 min)

3. You say that there are 4 key factors in determining if an author should publish with a traditional publisher versus on your own. What are they? (2 –7 min)

4. What’s a publishing predator? (1 min … to a full segment with tips on how to avoid)

5. Is there a secret to publishing success? (30 seconds to 2 min)

6. What’s the most important element to publishing success? (1 to 3 min)

7. What are the stages and timelines of publishing? (3 to 7 min)

8. Why did you leave your NY publisher? And would you go back? (2 min)

9. You do workshops that are called Book Publishing Unplugged, Book Marketing Unplugged and Speaking Unplugged. What are they? (1 to 3 min)

10. How did you start writing? (2 to 5 min)

11. Is being on a bestseller list important? (2 to 5 min)

12. What are the top mistakes writers and authors make?

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