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Every aspiring author should be keenly aware that being a published author is a business decision as well as a creative one. A 'book shepherd' is someone who assists an author in packaging a book so that it will be successfully competitive in a volatile publishing marketing place and attract the attention of the author's intended readership. In Author YOU: Creating and Building the Author and Book Platforms, Judith Briles draws upon her many years of experience and expertise as a successful book shepherd to create an interactive instruction manual to train aspiring authors into creating a successful book plan; acquire the time and money to accomplish their literary project; identify the appropriate publishing venue for that project; arrange for the time and space to craft their books; utilizing internet and social media resources; avoid publishing predators and scam artists; and master the factors for creating a successful book launch. 

Basically, Author YOU: Creating and Building the Author and Book Platforms, is a complete course of instruction under a single cover and while its 'fill in the blank' instruction pages rendered it inappropriate for community library collections, it will prove to be an indispensable, thoroughly 'user friendly', and highly valued learning tool and continuing reference resource for anyone seeking to create a successful writing career for themselves.

—Midwest Books review



This is the crowdfunding "bible"—your most valuable resource as you start your next book project. Judith Briles' book is condensed enough not to overwhelm, complete enough to protect you from errors, and inspiring enough to convince you that it's time to get started. 

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