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Questions with Dr. Judith Briles


When God Says NO

About Overcoming Adversity

1. You’ve had two children die. How did you get through every parent’s nightmare? (1 to 4 min)


2. You talk about the gifts you received after your son died. What were they? (1 to 4 min)


3. You liken your life to a rose … what does that mean? (1 to 2 min)


4. You have tips on what to say or do for anyone who is grieving. Please share. (1 to 4 min)


5. What should not be said to someone who is facing adversity or grieving? (1 to 4 min)


6. You have tips to work through adversity. What are they? (2 to 4 min)


7. You have been broke and broken. What did you do to survive and comeback? (1 to 4 min)


8. You say that pain is inevitable, misery is not. What does that mean? (1 to 2 min)


9. Invariably, most come to a point where life is miserable. Are they the same for everyone?  (1 to 2 min)


10. Tough times happen. How does someone deal with them and grow through them? (1 to 3 min)

11. What should people say to someone who is dealing with adversity? (1 to 4 min)

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