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Questions with Dr. Judith Briles


How to Create a Million Dollar Speech

1. What the #1 way to sell lots of books? (30 seconds to 1 min)

2. How do you get speaking gigs? (1 to 3 min)

3. Is there a common structure to a speech? (2 to 4 min)

4. Why does every speech need to connect with an audience? (1 to 3 min)

5. What are the steps to set up a speaking career? (1 to 2 min)

6. Can you make money? (1 to 3 min)

7. What’s the speaking gig you would never want to repeat? (10 seconds—although when the answer comes out, you probably want to hear more)

8. You do workshops that are called Unplugged. What are they? (1 to 2 min)


9. How did you start speaking? (2 to 5 min)


10. How does someone determine what to charge for speaking? (1 to 4 min)


11. What should a speaker charge? (1 to 3 min)

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